So, how did our first day go?

Well, it was tough. But, as I pointed out to DB, this was most likely due to the fact that, when the Littlest Brewster got fussy, there was no one to hand her off to so I could have a break. There are no tap outs when you’re home alone with a 3 1/2 week old baby… I do have to say that DB was awesome when he got home and completely took over baby care until she went to bed, even though I know he was tired after his first day back at work. I am a very lucky woman, I know.

Yesterday did help me I did determine what is THE essential piece of baby gear to have on hand. Honestly, if you know someone who is pregnant, buy her one of these and she will forever speak your name with reverence and awe.

Most essential item ever

Actually, there are a few items that are truly essential but that’s a list to post another day when I have more time. Today, we (LB and I) are going to make bread, clean a little more, take a nap, and maybe even go for a walk. We may even bake cookies, but that could be pushing the amount of “Happy Homemaker” I can accomplish in any one day…

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