Behold the mother lode of dry hops!

That is a LOT of hops!

Here is the awesome and ridiculously huge list of hops we added to the Surly Furious:

5 oz Simcoe

2.5 oz Ahtanum

0.5 oz Amarillo Gold

0.5 oz Warrior

This is in addition to the 4.5 oz of hops that were used when we brewed! No wonder this is one of DB’s favorite beers – I swear that his personal motto is “The hoppier, the better!”

We decided to try something new when racking/dry hopping last night – we put the dry hops (8.5 ounces of pellets!!!) into the secondary and then racked onto the pellets. It seemed to work fairly well; the pellets broke down and mixed in as we racked, rather than just sitting on top of the beer until they dissolved in on their own. We may rack/dry hop like this from now on, depending on how this beer turns out.


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