I thought that if I were a SAHM…

…I would be thin and in excellent shape, because I would have time to exercise and eat right every day.

…my house would be incredibly clean and well organized, because it’s not like I have anything else to do with my time.

…my children would be very advanced for their ages due to my brilliant intellectual stimulation, because I would be able to devote time and energy daily to expanding their minds.

I have been home on my own for 2 1/2 days and I know now that none of those things are going to happen. Well, maybe not never going to happen. I mean, when LB goes off to college, I might be able to do those things…

But at this point in time, my day consists of feeding the LB, changing her diapers, attempting to “play” with her (hard thing to do with a 4 week old), and then convincing her she wants to take a nap. And then, repeating the whole process. Over and over again, ad infinitum.

Today, this is where I convinced her she wanted to take a nap…

The LB and Ethan, catching 40 winks

Of course, now she is awake and hungry. And thus, we begin the process again…

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