Bath night!!!

Last night was bath night at BeerCat, an occasion that brings both smiles and tears for LB.

Getting a scrub down

She enjoys the bathing part, especially now that we’re in the tub and not doing sponge baths (God, she hated sponge baths!!!) Now the drying off and getting dressed part – not so enjoyable for our little brewster… Sometimes I wonder if we should do bath time earlier in the day to give her a chance to wind down after it gets her all riled up. But everyone says (and you know that everyone is always right) bath time should be part of your nightly routine. Hopefully, as she gets older and the temperatures get warmer and I get faster at dressing her (have you ever tried to get a squirmy 4 week old into a onesie?!?! It should be an Olympic event!),  the aftermath of the bath won’t be so traumatic.

Squeaky clean!

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