Today is an exciting day!

Today, we are having someone come to the house to do a “photo shoot” of our little monkey!!

How can we afford this extravagance, you ask? Well, we found a photographer who has recently moved to the area and is trying to get established here – so she was willing to work for much less than other professional photographers.

DB did ask just how many photos of LB we could possibly need (I do take a LOT of pictures of her). I pointed out, very reasonably I might add, that if we are a “one and done” family, then I am NOT missing out on what could be my only opportunity to get pictures of my infant daughter in nothing but a diaper and a crocheted headband. You know – the ones with a huge flower stuck on them? (I always thought they were so tacky until I had a daughter – and now I love them…)

We apparently get a disc with all of the images on them to print/use as we like. I will definitely be posting those photos as soon as they are available!

Fingers crossed that LB cooperates and we get photos like this….

Happy LB

and not like this.

NOT happy LB

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