Well, this time we got 30 minutes…

Last time we took LB to a photographer, we got 15 minutes out of her before she got pissed and essentially decided the photo shoot was over. We did get a good picture out of the experience, as shown here…

Slightly cheesy, but cute none the less...

Amanda, the photographer – check her out at http://www.amandasmithsphotography.com/ – was very nice and tried her best to get some photos of LB. Basically, our routine consisted of me sticking the pacifier in LB’s mouth and getting her calmed down while Amanda got into position, then I would sneak the paci out and Amanda would snap shots until LB realized her best friend had disappeared and started crying again. I would then replace the paci and the process would start again. (Does this remind any regular readers of other cyclic processes that define our days? Yeah, me too…)

After about 30 minutes, 3 outift changes, and moving location twice, LB was done. So I asked Amanda if it was okay if we called it. And she, very nicely I might add, said that was fine and I could actually pay her less (!!!!) since she wasn’t at our house the whole time. We should supposedly get a CD with the images in a week or so – she took over 120 shots, so there should be something that is usable and cute out of that.

I did get a couple of good shots of LB on my own when we were prepping the location – I think she’s adorable, even if my mom said that her headband looked ridiculous!

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