Brew day with a baby, take two – WeizenKat

This weekend, we were actually able to sneak in a quick brew – a situation that was only possible for 2 reasons.

1) The beer we brewed, WeizenKat, is extract only with one puny hop addition. No specialty grains, no complicated hop schedule, only 9 lbs of LME, OG calculated at 1.050 so no need for starters – essentially a very basic brew that we could crank out in under 2 hours. We woke up, decided to brew that day, smacked the yeast packs by 10, and brewed by 2.

2) We have a ridiculously well behaved baby. I might have thought she’s kind of fussy, but after reading some other mom’s experiences on (my absolute favorite website – I spend entirely too much time there), I realize that LB is awesome. She doesn’t have anything that remotely resembles the fussiness or grumpiness that other moms describe. And I thank the baby gods and the brewing gods for that – it keeps us brewing and her happy – as long as she’s part of the action – she loves to be included!

So the WeizenKat is happily fermenting away in DB’s office. Us being us, we overshot the gravity a little bit (1.060 instead of 1.050); hopefully 2 smackpacks will be sufficient. Watch this be the one time we didn’t make yeast starters and it bites us in the ass… Two weeks in the primary and then we bottle – a much quicker turn around than the other brews we’ve been making lately, with their crazy dry hop schedules and extended time in the secondary prior to bottling. Hopefully this weissbier will turn out better than Katze’s Dunkel did last year (way too many fruity esters in that one!). I’ll keep you updated – fingers crossed for a delicious, easy drinking beer.

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