So perhaps 8.5 oz is too many dry hops…

Last night we attempted to bottle the Surly Furious. This is a picture of the beer as we were racking it to the bottling bucket…

According to Jamil, it is possible to simply rack the beer off between the two layers of hop detritus. Well, we tried that. We got a little bit farther than the point at which I took the picture and then the auto siphon got hopelessly clogged with hop schleck. But there was still a lot of beer left in the carboy – we couldn’t waste it! What to do? What to do?!?!

So I quick sanitized our largest plastic funnel with a mesh filter and a spoon and we poured the rest of the beer through that. We had to stop twice to scrape the hops off the filter in order to restart the flow of beer and most likely oxygenated the crap out of the beer in the process. There is a very real possibility that this beer is now ruined due to contamination or too much oxygen…. 😦

Even with our heroic efforts to save as much beer as possible, we bottled into 6 x 12 oz bottles and 17 x 22 oz bottles. That’s 7 fewer 22 oz bottles than we normally get out of a 5 gallon batch of beer, which stinks because it smelled delicious and DB was practically drooling over it. If the beer is not ruined and if it is as delicious as we hope, we may try brewing it again and change the way in which we dry hop. Perhaps all those people who recommend using a hop bag for dry hopping are right?

*Side note: the WeizenKat is still fermenting! It’s not the most vigorous fermentation ever, but this gives me hope that we didn’t underpitch too terribly badly! 🙂

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