Ladies and gentlemen, we have a (totally normal) grunty baby!

So I talked to the phone nurse from the pediatricians office and she managed to talk me off the “formula switching” ledge. She said that, because LB is not crying, fussing, arching her back, and generally freaking out after every bottle, it is highly unlikely that she needs different formula. She confirmed that most babies get fussy in the evening and some babies are just grunty, even in their sleep. If LB suddenly starts doing the aforementioned behaviors after every bottle, then we need to think about switching – but for now, we just deal with the grunts.

Maybe I should invest in some ear plugs? (Just kidding… Kind of…)

I did tell my mom what the phone nurse said, but she does NOT believe me. She still thinks LB needs new formula. I am doing my best to ignore her – I keep telling myself to let it roll like water off a duck.

And I told DB what the phone nurse said, and he was exceedingly gratified as this is exactly what HE told me. He did also ask why I’m much more likely to believe people in white lab coats or with a stethoscope over him – which is true – but I had no answer for that.

Three things to work on this week:

1) Learn that every grunt and cry is not necessarily a sign that something iswrong with LB.

2) Don’t let my mom’s visit stress me out and make me doubt myself as a mother.

3) Value and trust DB’s opinion more than some stranger who happens to have extra initials behind her name.

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