We’re brewing today :)

My mom and I had a huge fight yesterday, during which she threatened to go home. I told her she shouldn’t because a) then my dad wouldn’t get to come visit today and see LB (and he hasn’t seen her in, like, a month!) and b) then we wouldn’t have anyone to watch LB while we brewed today. (I know we’ve done it without anyone to help us before, but it might be nice not to have to worry about her at all until we’re done. We’ll see…) So she agreed to stay and we get to brew Panther’s India Black Ale.

Side note: We did both apologize this morning for showing our ass heads yesterday. Things are back to normal. (And there was much rejoicing…)

We made our starters last night – no underpitching for us this time! – and the yeast have been happily multiplying in their flasks all night.

And yes, the starters are wrapped in a pair of DB’s boxers to protect them from light. We take our yeast’s health very seriously!

Soon DB is going to go crack the grains with his handy new grain mill (Christmas present from his mom) and I’ll get the brewing equipment set up and sanitized. And then another day of fun at BeerCat Brewery will commence – I can’t wait!

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