Another successful brew day under our belts

Brewing went very well yesterday, which always makes me and DB happy. Actually, there were one or two slight glitches – for example, we were using DB’s cordless drill to power the grain mill and ran out of juice and had no charged batteries ready – but nothing catastrophic happened.

Using the drill to run the grain mill

It was such a nice day that my mom could bring LB outside while we brewed. (I love mild winters in North Carolina! How anyone can like the cold and snow is beyond me…) LB was very well behaved, per usual, and only fussed a little bit when she got hungry.

LB enjoying brew day

The beer smelled awesome, so I can’t wait until it’s ready to drink! Unfortunately, it’s another beer we have to dry hop which means it’s even longer than usual until we can drink it. Why must we keep brewing these beers that take forever!?!? (DB points out that they don’t take forever, only 4 weeks or so, but that’s a loooong time when you’re waiting for beer!) Max’s Black IPA was really, really good – so I’m sure that Panther’s IBA will be just as delicious!

Once we chilled the beer, pitched the yeast, and put it in the computer room to ferment, we sat back to wait for the bubbling to begin. And sure enough – within an hour, the beer was bubbling away! Anyone who doubts the awesome power of the yeast starter needs to observe our total lack of lag time.

We’ve tentatively planned out our brew schedule for the rest of the 2011-2012 brew season and it’s definitely ambitious. It’ll be great if we can fit them all in – and amazing if we can manage to brew more beer after we have a baby than we did when we were childless! Perhaps we’re more motivated now, as that glass of homebrew after LB goes to bed is the most delicious thing I’ve ever tasted…

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