We have what?!?


Yes, we have mice under our kitchen cabinets. How can we possibly have mice when we have four absolutely ferocious cats who look like this…

A Vicious BeerCat

Well, the truth is – we don’t have ferocious cats. We have one lazy cat, one prissy cat (featured above), one cat who’s biggest concern is pushing the others out of her way when she’s eating, and one cat who thinks he’s ferocious but is in fact terrifed of everything.  And the mice have (so far) not been stupid enough to venture beyond the relative safety of the cabinets.

DB spent a good two hours yesterday crawling around under the house, trying unsuccessfully to figure out where the little jerks are gaining access to the house. We went ahead and put out some poison packs in the crawl space just in case (sad and cruel, I know…). Then, we moved the stove and got under the cabinet next to it – and there was a HUGE nest of shredded dry wall and various fibers. I have to admit – it looked nice and cozy even to me! If I were a mouse, I would want to live there. DB vacuumed it all up with the shop vac and we left another poison pack in its place. (How shitty is that? You go back to your house and, instead of finding your home as you left it, you find a big pile of the most delicious looking food ever – and it’s toxic.)

The plan is to give the packs a bit of time to do their thing and then check and re-up the supply as necessary. We had high hopes that we’d be able to find the little guys and relocate them without resorting to lethal measures, but no such luck. So their little mousey days are numbered…

Maybe now the cats will stop hanging out by the cabinets and pretending they would have a clue what to do with a mouse if they got one.

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