This means war!

Yesterday afternoon, Blinks (one of our vicious beercats) was staking out a pair of kitchen drawers. I told him that the mice weren’t over there, they were by the stove and we had contained them. And now we were just waiting for them to die or move on.

He gave me this look like, “You seriously believe that? Check the drawer then!”

So I checked the drawer.It’s that drawer that everyone has in their kitchen – the one where you throw fortune cookies and leftover sauce packets from Taco Bell and chopsticks and utensil kits and basically everything else you have after you’re done eating your takeout but you’re too cheap to throw away.

And there was effing mice poop all over the place. The little bastards had chewed into duck sauce and soy sauce and fire sauce (I hope it burned coming out!) and everything else in the drawer. They had even managed to eat a fortune cookie out of the packet, leaving the plastic and the fortune untouched. That takes skill. (They must not have liked the fortune – it said “Do not stray from the path you are assigned.”)

So the gauntlet has been thrown and the challenge accepted. War has begun.

I took LB to Lowe’s and we stocked up on various mice killing tools. There is a wide variety of ways to rid yourself of mice – the basic difference between the assorted methods is: do you want to see the dead mice or do you want pretend that they’re not dead, they just ran away to live happy and fulfilling lives elsewhere? We went for a mix of honesty and fantasy and got two more boxes of poison (so they can stagger away and die somewhere else) and a pair of spinning traps (so I can have the satisfaction of seeing the dial turned to “Mouse Killed”).

After work, DB put a poison trap in the drawer (we took the utensils out first, obviously) and another one back in their little haven. We may have to put one under the stove as well, as the cats are still staking that area out. And when I checked this morning, there were little green poops in the drawer! You wouldn’t think I would be excited for more mouse poops but it means the little bastards have been eating the bait!!!

Bwahahahahaha – your days are numbered, little mousies!!!!

We haven’t put the spin traps out yet, but it’s coming.Oh, it’s coming. These mice aren’t going to know what hit them…

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