Epic Brewing Weekend Ahead

We have BIG PLANS for brewing this weekend and I, for one, am very excited.

Here’s what we intend to do:

Friday: Smack 2 packs of Wyeast 1056, make 2 x 2L starters.

Saturday: Brew Big Ginger’s IRA and bottle the WeizenKat. Also, smack 2 more packs of Wyeast 1056, make 1 x 1L and 1 x 2L starters.

Sunday: Brew Bephon’s Blaster and bottle the Pliny Clone.

All this while taking care of a 6 week old…

We’re crazy, you say? Not crazy, says I. We just really enjoy brewing. That, and our supply of homebrew is getting perilously low.

There are a few things that will make this weekend possible.

  1. My mother-in-law is planning on coming and watching LB for a few hours Saturday afternoon.
  2. We are still brewing extract with specialty grains, so it only takes about 3 hours start-to-finish for a batch (not counting set up and clean up).
  3. I am an incredibly understanding wife who indulges (and possibly over-indulges) her husband’s mania for brewing.

It’s gonna be hard. I’m not gonna lie. There will definitely be some long, hard hours of beer drinking. There’s a distinct possibility for arguments between me and DB. There may even be blood, sweat, and tears. But I’m prepped and ready.

And as Charlie Papazian says, “Relax. Don’t worry. Have a homebrew.” I think I will…

2 thoughts on “Epic Brewing Weekend Ahead

  1. Brewing seems more like an Al Green activity than a Blood, Sweat, And Tears one. Maybe that’s just me.

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