Things I learned this weekend…

1) Life doesn’t stop when someone you love gets sick. As much as I think the world should stop turning and everyone should stare blankly and sadly into space because my mom has cancer, it doesn’t. And that’s actually a good thing, because it keeps me from doing it myself.

2) I will have more guilt than I ever thought possible as I keep replaying all the times I was mean to or short with my mom. And that’s crazy because people don’t always get a long and that’s okay and it certainly didn’t make her get sick. And beating myself up about it won’t benefit anyone.

3) It is actually a good thing if I keep brewing and living life with LB and updating the blog, because it gives me something to focus on and divert my considerable worrying energy to. So I’m going to not be MIA, because that is best for me. Posts may be slower coming once I start making trips back and forth between my house and hers, but they will still appear. And it doesn’t make me a bad daughter, it makes me a sane one.

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