Bits of Random

Couple of random photos and bits of news to get out – thought I’d put them all together in one post and save everyone some time.

First – DB’s Mom helped him brew this weekend! I was wondering how he would manage to get his brewing fix without me (and secretly hoping that I was indispensible and he would pine for my compainionship and brewing assistance) but she came over and helped him knock out a batch of Cat Scratch Double IPA. And graciously joined the ranks of “crazy” in the eyes of our neighbors…

DreadBrewer's Dread Mother

DB also bottled one of our beers solo this weekend, which is a huge pain in the butt to do sans assistance – so kudos to him! I had told him we could bottle together when I got home yesterday and I am so glad that he didn’t take me up on that offer. He’s a considerate husband, is DB…

We were also only gone a week, but I swear LB grew 3 inches and gained 5 lbs while we were away! (Granted, I know I gained 5 lbs, but that was due to all the delicious food people dropped off at my mom’s house and is not a good thing.) Last night, DB walked in and saw her and was like, “What did you do to my daughter!?! She’s huge!” So comparison photos:

LB on Feb 5th

LB on Feb 14th

Okay, so maybe she did get a couple of extra rolls at Grandma’s house… I had brought a bunch of sleep ‘n plays for her to wear and they’re all too small now! We had to go shopping for new clothes while we were there; it was tough but I managed to soldier through for LB’s sake. 😉

LB also rolled over for the first time while we were in Charlotte! We were attempting tummy time, something LB absolutely hates, and she just gave a mighty grunt and flipped herself onto her back. And it was not a fluke, because she did it 3 more times that night! She has since done it a few more times, but not as consistently as that first night. I managed to get it on video to show DB, which was good. I’m still bummed that he wasn’t there to see it but he was a good sport about it. Now if he misses when she first starts walking, I think he’ll be a bit more upset.

I also went with my parents to my mom’s first oncology appointment. She’s been diagnosed as having Stage IV NSCLC, which is rough, but my mom is a huge pain in the ass and very stubborn – so I think she’ll do pretty well with her treatment and be around for a good long while. I did go a little crazy getting pics of her and LB, just in case, but hey – I go a little crazy with pics of LB every day. (Just ask DB – he’ll confirm that I am obsessed with photographing our daughter.) This is one of my favorites:

LB and Grandma

I like how it looks like LB is climbing up my mom, although she’s actually slap out.

Today LB and I are going to drop off copies of my mom’s records at my office for a second opinion and then go to two of our favorite places to shop: Bottle Revolution and American Brewmaster. Because who doesn’t need to spend more money on beer and brewing?



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