Learning to roll over, crawl, and sit

Now, I sort of always thought that these were skills that babies instinctively knew or at least taught themselves. I was, apparently, wrong.

There are all sorts of things you have to teach your child that I never knew about. I mean, the optomotrist said something to me about being sure “to stimulate her vision.” Seriously? I’m supposed to stimulate her vision?!? I thought I was doing that merely by not locking her in dark closet with nothing to see giving her things to look at, but apparently that’s not enough. There are special things with age appropriate patterns that I should waste spend my hard earned money on in order to appropriately “stimulate” her vision. But I digress…

Well yesterday, we worked on learning to sit. They have this ingenious device called a Bumbo that sort of holds your baby upright while they get to work on head and neck control. (Why aren’t I ever the one to invent these things and make millions of dollars?) LB is so darn cute when she’s in her Bumbo and happy (notice the operative word there – happy).

Unfortunately, happy doesn’t last for more than a few minutes in the Bumbo. But that’s not bad, as happy doesn’t last even that long when we’re working on tummy time. I think that’s the whole reason she rolls from her stomach to her back – out of sheer hatred of being on her tummy.

Honestly, though, between eating, filling and changing diapers, napping, and working on all the skills an 8 week old should have mastered, it’s amazing LB and I have time to catch our breath! But we have to soldier on – I mean, I don’t want her to get to daycare in a few weeks and have all the other infants mocking her for shoddy roll over technique or wobbly head control. And they would – kids are cruel like that.

God, I can’t believe the amount of crap they give you to worry about as a new parent…. It’s amazing that any of us ever made it to adulthood.

1 thought on “Learning to roll over, crawl, and sit

  1. My daughter is about a week younger than LB and after reading this, I immediately thought, “oh crap. There is no way Maren has enough head control for the Bumbo. But LB is in her Bumbo at 8 weeks! MUST IMPROVE MAREN’S HEAD CONTROL!” So… Yeah. Definite mocking material for the other babies.

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