So, what happened to the mice?

The great mice war of 2012 has come to an end.

Within a day of putting the poison traps in the drawers, there were little green mice poops around them. Why is more mice poops a good thing? Well, the fact that they were green mice poops means the little jerks ate the bait and were on their way across the rainbow bridge. (Do mice even go across the rainbow bridge? Anyway…)

We waited another 2 days to see if more green poop would appear and it didn’t. So DB put out little bits of cat food near the traps to see if we could tempt more mice into eating the bait. But, even with the enticement of Blue Buffalo Weight Control Chicken & Brown Rice cat food, the mice did not return.

Even the cats stopped staking out the drawers and cabinets.

Just to be sure, we left the poison (and cat food inducement) out for another few days. But it looks like we won and the bastards have kicked the bucket! Or moved on – I’m not picky as long as they’re out of my kitchen.

I believe we can call this a victory.

Brewer family: 1, Mice: 0

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