First Round of Vaccinations Done

LB got her first round of vaccinations yesterday at her 2 month check up and the day went something like this…

We went to the doctor’s around 1pm and LB didn’t get her shots until almost 2pm. I had the job of holding her hands while they poked her – I think I startled the nurse because I laughed at LB when she got her shots. I couldn’t help it – the rapid transformation from happy, smiling, “Let’s go home and eat” LB to bewildered, “Why does my leg hurt?” LB to angry, “Oh My God I can’t believe you’re doing this to me!” LB was comical to watch. But I only laughed for a minute or two and DB quickly stepped in and soothed the little monkey while I composed myself.

Everyone had told us that their babies either got really sleepy or really grumpy after they had their 2 month shots. We were hoping, obviously, for sleepy but didn’t really know what to expect. So we were on “Shot Watch 2012″…

When we got home, she was acting fairly normal, but we decided to go ahead and give her some acetaminophen anyway and get it in her system before she got a fever or got too sore. Well, she spit almost all of it out. But we were scared of overdosing her, so we decided to wait the full four hours before trying to give her another dose since we didn’t know how much, if any, she swallowed.

Look at her poor thighs!

She wasn't really grumpy (yet), just tired of having her picture taken

LB seemed her usual happy self, so we set up the pack and play outside to enjoy the exceptionally balmy weather. She really liked being outside with me and DB.

Enjoying the weather

Our Sassy, Happy Señorita

Shortly after this, it was time for LB to have her dinner bottle. She basically inhaled the entire thing and then promptly fell asleep. So we’re thinking, “Oh good -we got sleepy, not grumpy!” It was getting a little chillier, so I moved her into her bouncy seat inside.

About 20-30 minutes later, she started to fuss a bit. So I went in to check on her and could tell she had pooped. Changing her, apparently, was all it took for her to realize that her legs hurt and she didn’t feel good and she was going to let us know it. I have never seen or heard LB cry like she did yesterday. For an hour or so, she was utterly inconsolable.

Our Sassy, ANGRY Señorita

The only thing that worked was having her in the carrier while I sort of              bounced/swayed/jiggled and shushed in her ear. Notice the spit up and drool all over my shirt…

Attempting to calm LB

Luckily, I have a wonderful husband and DB cooked us dinner while I did nothing but frotz about with LB. Although in retrospect, I’m not sure who had the harder job.

After about an hour of inconsolable crying, she quieted down and went to sleep. I cautiously put her in her bouncy while we ate and she seemed fine. It was bath night and, after much debate, we decided to go ahead with it anyway in the hopes that she would find it relaxing. She didn’t seem to mind the bath any more than usual, and she actually slept pretty well throughout the night.

She’s starting to wake up a bit now – I can hear her moving around in her crib – so we’ll see how today goes. Hopefully, it was just one quick session of the grumps and we have our normal, ridiculously happy baby back.

After our brief foray into the world of screaming, unhappy babies, I am so glad and know that we are so lucky to have such an easy baby.

Update: LB just woke up, had her morning bottle, and is now keeping me company in the office. And she seems totally normal. 🙂

Looks like we have our happy LB back!

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