Don’t be jealous…

But LB slept until 7 am this morning!

Now, this is not sleeping from her 8pm bottle until 7am. She did still wake up for a quick bottle at 2:30, which is my responsibility as I’m still on leave and DB is back at work. But to have her go back down and sleep until 7 is awesome! What’s even more awesome is that I went back to sleep until 7, too!

Why is that so unusual, you ask?

Well, I’m sort of weird in that I get up every morning that DB works, whether I’m working or not, and make breakfast, brew tea, and pack lunch for him. He doesn’t ask me to do it and he’s always very grateful. He’s perfectly capable of doing these things for himself. But I like doing this for him. It makes me feel all wifely and loving. The problem being that, if I do want to sleep in, I have terrible anxiety like, “What will he eat for breakfast? Will he remember where the tea bags are?? Does he know he needs to pack a spoon for lunch?!?” and the “sleeping in” is anything but restful.

Today, however, DB is eating lunch out with a work colleague, so I didn’t have to worry about that. And he promised me that he would take care of breakfast and tea himself and that I should stay in bed and get some extra sleep. So I did. And LB got some extra sleep, too. And it was wonderful. I’m all rested and ready to face the day.

LB, on the other hand, woke up ravenous and cranky – but is back to her usual chipper self after inhaling her breakfast.

I might also add that, when I went downstairs to make my coffee, DB’s travel mug was still there. So was the PopTart he was supposed to eat for breakfast. So I called him and he admitted to having neither tea nor breakfast today. He got sidetracked and ran out of time, apparently. (This is probably true – DB gets caught up in things and loses track of time very easily. It’s one of his most endearing and most frustrating qualities.)

But I’m so happy to feel so well rested that I’m okay with him going hungry and uncaffeinated today. And as our absolute favorite coffee shop in the whole wide world (well, at least in Cary) is right by his office, I doubt the state of hungry and uncaffeinated will last for long.

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