March in North Carolina

Yesterday was 80 degrees (!!!) here in North Carolina. And that meant I got to put LB in a dress for the first time! In my opinion, one of the hardest things about taking care of LB is figuring out what the heck to dress her in. Is she too hot? Is she too cold? Is that too tight? Is it itchy? And it’s not like she can answer these questions. I’m really looking forward to the summer when I will know exactly what to dress her in – her diaper and nothing else. Besides, there’s nothing cuter than a kid running around in just a diaper.

But anyway – yesterday’s balmy temps meant I finally got to bust out some of the ridiculously cute outfits we have that it has been too cold for her to wear. Look how cute she is in her dress!

Since one of her favorite things to do is grab any available fabric and shove it in her mouth, we had quite a few moments during the day like this:

I have a feeling she’s going to be the two year old who pulls her dress up over her head and runs around with her panties showing… And all the other moms will whisper behind their hands about lack of discipline and shoddy parenting and hedonistic tendencies…. (Well, maybe not that last bit. But the rest of it will probably happen.)

And as it was so warm, LB graduated to using the stroller without her car seat. This is very exciting because: 1) the car seat adds 20 lbs to the stroller and makes it even more ridiculously unwieldy than usual and 2) I don’t have to worry nearly so much about her overheating during our walks. That car seat can get pretty hot, so I’m excited to be able to put her in the stroller without it. Granted, I then spent the entire walk flipping the canopy back and forth because I didn’t want her little feet to get sunburned – but it was still easier than stopping every 100 yards to shove my finger down the neck of her shirt to check how sweaty she is.

Here she is in her stroller:

Because DB and I are cheap frugal, we don’t turn the air conditioning on in the house until it gets above 80. By the end of the day yesterday, the temp in the house was close to 77 or so. (It got up to 72 in the brew room – aka the guest bathroom – but hopefully the two beers we have fermenting weren’t too adversely affected. Fingers crossed!) Although I wanted LB to still be in her dress when her daddy got home from work, she was not having it. She was hot and grumpy and fussed until I took everything off but her diaper. And then she quite happily fell asleep in her swing.

Waking up to play with Daddy

Unfortunately, today is not supposed to be nearly as warm – only in the mid 60s – so it looks like it’s back to onesies, pants, and socks for LB. But we had one day of glamour and frills and temperate breezes to get us through the cold days and boring outfits ahead.

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