Penultimate Yeast Starter Of The Year

Sadly, DB and I just made our second to last yeast starter of the brewing season. While I’m glad to move into warmer weather and start gardening, I’m sad to see brewing season draw to a close. We accomplished so much more this year and grew as brewers in leaps and bounds. When I think back to where we were at this point last year and compare it to where we are today, I’m astounded. We have really taken homebrewing and made it a part of our lives – not something you do when you have a spare weekend and nothing else to do.

DB and I love brewing for so many reasons – the enjoyment we get from creating something, the joy of spending time together, the pleasure  we get when we share an awesome beer with friends, the satisfaction of taking small steps to maybe perhaps live more self sufficiently – the list goes on…

I know it will only be a few short months until we’re brewing again, but I’m still sad. As busy as we’ll be with the garden, I’ll still miss it.

And as I pointed out to DB, brewing is fun, quick, and confined (for the most part) to the weekends. Gardening is an every day undertaking that takes a lot longer to be fruitful. And it takes a LOT more sweat…. Much easier to whip up a batch of Due Date IPA in 6 weeks than to bust our asses for two months for the first tomato, no?

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