Our First Train Ride

There is an Amtrak train that runs between Cary and Charlotte that my mom has been trying to get me and LB to take for months. But I’ve always resisted because I don’t want to be “that mom” – you know, the one with the screaming child that can’t be comforted and all the other passengers hate and give death stares to and mutter disparaging comments about under their breath about shoddy parenting. (Have you noticed my fear of other people and disparaging comments about shoddy parenting? It’s an issue with me…)

Well, I finally broke down and agreed that LB and I would take the train to Charlotte on Tuesday and come home Thursday. A nice quick visit to see Grandma before my maternity leave is up, without the hassle of driving and the expense of almost $4/gallon gas.

And it was fine! It was fun, even!!

LB slept for 2 of the 3 hours – and probably would have slept the whole time, but I woke her up to give her a bottle so she wouldn’t be starving when we arrived. She ate (no spit ups!) and then just looked around at the train and the people the rest of the time. Not a peep out of her. Well, maybe a little peep – but it was her normal “I’m happy so I’m going to squeak” peep, not an angry “I’m going to make everyone think you’re a terrible parent” peep.

We even changed a dirty diaper on the train – both ways – without incident.

The good thing about traveling with an infant (once you get over the fear of your child having a meltdown) is that it essentially turns you into a leper. No one wants to sit near you. So LB and I had a row of 2 seats to ourselves and it was awesome. Plenty of leg room, plenty of room for the ridiculous quantity of stuff I schlep around for her, no annoying small talk with strangers you’ll never see again.

I have to say – taking the train was a very enjoyable experience and I really think that, until gas prices go waaaaay down, it makes sense for us. Now if I could just convince DB to join us next time, it would be perfect.

Here are some pics of LB’s first train ride:

Waiting for the train to arrive - She didn't even flinch when it thundered up

Getting settled in

LB and me

Nomming on Jaffy on the return trip

And, as I was telling Jessie about my fear of being “that mom”, she told me about one of her friends who has a small child. This friend’s philosophy is essentially, “If my kid cries and it bothers you, screw you. I need to do what’s best for her and you can bugger off.” Which is an awesome sentiment and one which I am going to try my best to adopt myself. We’ll see how it goes…

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