Milestones and a pretty cool photo comparison

The mompetition over when one’s baby achieves developmental milestones is rampant. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, go eavesdrop on a group of mommies and you’ll quickly realize that the seemingly innocent questions (“How does Little Johnny like tummy time?”) are really thinly veiled attempts at showing off how much more advanced their kid is than your kid (“Oh he hates it? Well Janie loves it! In fact, she’s so good at it that she started rolling over at 3 weeks!!!”).

*This is essentially the same phenomenon that happens in high school after the SAT. Anyone who has been asked how they did knows that the asker only did so to invite the same question in return so they can show off how great they themselves did.*

With all the pressure, it’s hard to sit back and let LB do things in her own time. But I think we’ve done pretty well at letting her set her own pace. And just in the last week or so, she has definitely made some serious advances. For example:

Whereas before she was content to lie on her play mat and simply look at the hanging toys, she has now started to reach for them!!!

And, she has gotten really good at standing up!

(I know it looks like I’m holding her up, but I’m really just giving her a little balance under her shoulders.)

She loves standing up and straightening her legs. Sometimes it makes it hard when you’re trying to sit her on your lap for a bottle and she goes into plank mode, as DB calls it. But she’s really getting more control over her legs (and her whole body in general). I have a feeling she’s going to walk early, just like her daddy did.

In line with the “more control over her body” advances, LB is also more tolerant of and better at tummy time. Before, her head essentially just rested on her arms (reference the picture of her on the People You Should Know page). Now she can hold her head up and look around for quite a while before she gets too tired to keep it up any longer. And it doesn’t make her cry hysterically anymore, either! Maybe now we’ll get the hair on the back of her head to grow back in…

She also makes a lot more noise now than she used to. She’s constantly “talking” to us (but there’s no way for me to take a picture of that, so you’re just going to have to believe me 🙂 ) I keep asking her what she’s trying to tell us, but so far there’s been no coherent replies…

LB also likes to do these things concurrently at the most inopportune times. Like yesterday morning, when she insisted on standing up and “talking” throughout my entire Weight Watchers meeting. Luckily, most of the women there are moms themselves, so nobody seemed to mind too much.

Looking back, it’s amazing how much this little lump who did nothing much other than lay there and cry has grown and changed in just twelve short weeks. It’s also amazing how much DB and I have grown as parents. We’re definitely more comfortable with her (in every aspect – from interpreting her cries to hauling her about). Which brings me to my awesome photo comparison!

Here are my two favorite people, minutes after LB’s birth:

And here are my two favorite people last night, exactly twelve weeks later:

Doesn't he look much more comfortable with her?

I love them so much it makes my heart hurt.


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