God, I hope LB doesn’t get my hair!

In addition to having enormous feet, I have enormous hair.

But I knew that, with returning to work tomorrow, I needed to do something to make my ginormous lion mane slightly more manageable.

So I have taken steps. Friday afternoon I went to my favorite salon and visited my favorite stylist – and by favorite, I mean I actually manage to drag my sorry butt in to see her 3 times a year because I’m cheap frugal. I had a keratin treatment applied that took over 2 hours and cost far more than I should reasonably spend on my hair (thank God for hoarded Christmas bonuses!).

But the results are awesome. To prove their awesomeness (and justify the cost), I took some before and after photos.

Here is the before photo of me, in all my crazy-haired glory:

Brewster Mama, au naturel

And here is a photo that was taken immediately after the process:

Don't tell me it's not amazing...

Supposedly, you can wash your hair after 24 hours, but the results last longer if you can hold out a few more hours. So I gritted my teeth and held out for 60 solid hours (including our industrious day in the garden) before I broke down and washed it. And here is a photo of my hair after I washed it and let it air dry this morning – slightly less flat, but no less sleek and manageable:

The results are remarkable, no? Now if it made it easier to go to work, not just get ready for work, that would be even more remarkable.

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