First Day Back At Work :(

So today was my first day back at work and LB’s first day at daycare.

When people asked if I would cry when I dropped her off for the first time, I always told them that no, I didn’t think I would. I mean, I love my job. And I don’t have the wherewithal to be a SAHM – that takes far more stamina and ingenuity and motivation than I have.

But I totally cried this morning. I did fine, up through putting her extra clothes in her cubby and telling the teacher about her eating habits. But then I realized she was staying there all day and I started tearing up. And this other mom who had just brought her daughter in gave me this huge hug (essentially clasped me to her massive bosom with no warning) and told me it would be all right.

And that gave me the strength to walk, dry eyed, to the car.

Where I proceeded to call DB in tears.

But I did make it to work and I found, courtesy of Cris (the best friend ever), this:


And my friend Angie brought in breakfast for everyone to celebrate my return -which made it a little easier to be back.

I did manage to hold out for 4 whole hours before I called to check on her. And they said she was fine and hadn’t cried at all. (They probably tell everyone that on their first day to make them feel better…)

DB picked her up around 3:45 and brought her home for a bottle. I got home by 5:15 and she’s actually been pretty happy. (Hopefully this means that she’s happy to see us, not that she had so much fun at daycare.)

Being away from us all day doesn’t seem to have had too many detrimental effects. Although she does smell kind of like daycare, which irritates both me and DB. Good thing it’s bath night and we can get her back to smelling like her sweet Littlest Brewster self…

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