We have two shiny new toys!

Our first new toy is ours only through the good graces of my parents. But I don’t care because it’s awesome.

Back story: DB and I had our rehearsal dinner at my parents house in 2008. In preparation for the event (a backyard cookout), they had a lawn service come in and spruce everything up. The yard looked awesome! But then for Christmas that year, Mike and Sarah gave my dad a Lesco spreader and he decided he could “do” the lawn himself…. Well, he essentially killed it. (Cue wailing and gnashing of teeth on my mother’s part.)

So for Christmas 2011, my mom “gave” my dad lawn service for a year. Which meant he didn’t need his awesome John Deere lawn tractor. And so he towed it up to us, “on loan,” for a year. We’re secretly hoping that, when it comes down to it, he doesn’t feel like hauling it back home and offers to sell it to us cheap. But I’m not holding my breath.

There is trepidation about caring for the mower for a year. I mean, my dad still gets livid when we bring up Mom scratching the hood over 5 years ago… But I think we may be adult enough to handle the responsibility. We are parents, after all…

Here’s a picture of DB sitting proudly upon the John Deere Throne.

He had promised that I could be the first to start it up and drive it, but as I had just a little difficulty starting it, it ended up being his privilege instead.

BUT the second shiny new thing is mine. All mine.

I have new running shoes. (This is where DB will interject and say that I should call them “jogging shoes” as I don’t go fast enough to call it running. Whatever. If I’m going faster than a walk, in my opinion I’m running…)

Here are my shiny new running shoes:

They’re not actually that shiny as I finally dragged my sorry butt out for my first workout today. I have decided to do the Couch-to-5K program from CoolRunning. It’s a 9 week, 27 workout program that gets you from sitting on your ass drinking beer to running (or jogging, thanks DB) for 30 minutes straight. And I am one whole workout in and feeling great. Granted, if you actually analyze the first workout, you’ll realize that it only contains 8 actual minutes of running, but whatever. You have to start somewhere.

I will keep you all posted on my progress with the C25K program – hopefully soon I won’t be just the BrewsterMama, I will be the super hot runner BrewsterMama. 😉

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