How you know you’re a homebrewer with a baby, take three…

Every day we have to tote LB’s supply of bottles back and forth to daycare. Well, I wasn’t really sure of the best way to transport them – they didn’t fit in any of our lunch boxes and they didn’t stay upright in one of those reusable shopping bags.

So DB suggested using a 6-pack carrier, which works perfectly if you don’t care about the fact that you’re toting your child’s bottles in a beer container. (And we all already know that I put entirely too much importance on what other people think…)

This weekend, I fixed the problem with some ingenuity, an old gift bag, and a little tape. Okay, maybe a lot of tape. But the final product is great and carries LB’s bottles to and from daycare safely without screaming, “I used to carry beer!”

Before and After I got crafty

Unfortunately, I ran out of bag before I got the bottom covered, so that’s still got info on the brewery and style of beer. But hopefully no one will notice that bit.

I think I was pretty clever, if I do say so myself. 🙂

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