Learning to roll over, take two…

So LB has officially decided that it is no fun being stuck on her back.

She’s not so sure about being on her stomach (a state that has never really appealed to her) but being on her side is, apparently, a pretty awesome place to be.

She spends a lot of time hanging out sideways if she can…

What we call "Athletic Sleeping"

Obviously, the swaddle is useless

But today, she was not content with simply being on her side and decided to go for the full monty and roll all the way over! Below is a play-by-play record of the event…

Okay, I think I might go on my side...

Wow! I'm almost all the way onto my stomach!

Let's take a break to smile at our papa...

Okay, back to business! Let's roll over!

I MADE IT!!! Now, if only I knew how to get back on my back...

All that rolling tired me out! Let's have a nap...

After the rolling to and fro, she slept contentedly on her back for a good hour.

Obviously, she thinks this is a fabulous development. To me, however, this signifies the end of an age – the end of “easy to tote places and put down and keep her there” LB and the beginning of “Holy Crap, that child is running rampant” LB. God please grant me strength and patience….

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