Got the compost bin started :)

One of my resolutions for this year was to be more “green” – and in an attempt to do so, I said that I wanted to start composting.

We had given composting a shot before, with one of those rolling composters that you simply add stuff to, spin, and voila! Compost! Somehow it didn’t work for us and I took it back to Lowe’s (even with bits of straw and half-composted muck clinging to it. That POS was $90 and I wanted my money back!)

This year, we decided to give the old-fashioned pile composter a try. After much debate (Weeks worth… Seriously.) we decided to get the wooden compost bin kit from Gardener’s Supply. Some of the reviews complained about the slats splitting, so we decided to treat the slats with the Eco Wood Treatment first.

It took 2 days to properly stain and dry everything before DB pronounced it fit for assembly, but it was finally ready. We got it assembled, added 1/2 a bag of leaves and the kitchen bits I had been hoarding for weeks, stirred it about, and voila! Leaf and kitchen bits! (That will hopefully some day become compost…)

I’ve been hoarding more kitchen bits and added them in tonight. I really hope that it works out this time around and we get compost instead of a $90 folly….

Anyway, here are some pictures of the looooong process of getting our composter ready:

The slats stained and ready to go

The stain we used on the wood - hopefully we didn't pay $15 for colored water

The composter all assembled and ready to go!

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