A Perfect Saturday in April

We had the best day at the Brewer house yesterday! We got a lot of stuff accomplished that we’ve been meaning to do for awhile. (Naturally this was all outside stuff; the inside of the house still looks like a train wreck…)

How were we finally able to accomplish all of these things? Well, LB has just recently spaced out her feeding schedule to about 6.5 ounces every 4 hours, rather than 5.5 ounces every 3. And she’s also started taking less frequent, but much longer, naps. (She’s growing up so fast!!!) This works out really well for us when it comes to getting stuff done – you would not believe how much you can get accomplished with that extra hour between bottles! And since LB is pretty happy just to watch us working in the garden, we schlepped her rocker and pack-n-play out into the yard with us and she was content for hours.(Note: today, she is in a bit of a snit and not nearly so content. Good thing all we had to do today was clean the house and do our taxes. Not like those are important or anything…)

Here’s a list of all the things we did yesterday:

  • Weed whack and edge
  • Aerate and amend the last of the big beds
  • Plant our bean seeds
  • Plant another crop of carrots and another crop of beets
  • Transplant our cucumbers/plant seeds for the other half of the planned crop
  • Stake up the raspberries
  • Put up twine for the hops and prune back to the strongest vines
  • Water everything

That wasn’t even everything we needed to do, but when we finished that list, we were done. And LB was ready for some playtime, too. So we all sat out on the back deck and relaxed together. We even brought Maxine, one of our kitties, out on her leash to enjoy the sunshine with us.

(Speaking of sunshine, I perhaps got a little too excited about the warm weather and worked all day in a sports bra and shorts, resulting in a fairly impressive sunburn on my back and arms. DB very nicely refrained from chiding me while rubbing aloe on my tortured skin last night.)

Here are some of the best pictures of the day:

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