My Husband Rocks!

I have been saying that I wanted to pick up some extra shifts so I could justify buying myself an iPod touch to use on my runs and as a smart phone substitute, but I hadn’t gotten around to putting in the extra hours yet.

Well, guess from where I’m blogging? My new iPod touch that DB surprised me with this afternoon!!

He said (in an incredibly sweet card that I’m sure he would die if I posted) that he wanted to thank me for being such an awesome wife and mother. šŸ™‚

It was so sweet and so thoughtful. I don’t give him credit sometimes for being a good husband, but he really is. I’m very very lucky in who the Fates/God/ have chosen to be my partner for life.

Okay, enough sappy tripe, I’m off to play with my new toy! Although I am slightly disappointed because DB says (rightly so, given my general lack of grace and coordination) that I can’t take it on a run until I get a sturdy cover. Thank God for Amazon Prime!

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