Well, today was a fiasco…

My day off today was not nearly as relaxing as I had planned it to be…

It started out auspiciously enough. I dropped LB off at daycare and went up to Lochmere to run around the lake a few times. It was actually a really good workout and I felt great when I finished. (It helped that this cute little old man with a heavy New York accent told me, “Don’t get too skinny!”)

But, then I realized something horrible. DB and I, in our excitement over finally finishing our taxes, sealed them up and sent them off without signing them. Crap! What do we do?!?

I still had a ton of errands to do, in addition to trying to figure out the tax problem. So here’s what my “relaxing” day off looked like:

8:00 – Drop LB off at daycare

8:15 – Go for run; realize our mistake

8:45 – Go to Target for a quick trip. Try calling 2 H&R Block offices for help with tax issue. Get two completely different, unhelpful answers. Upon checking out from Target, have store computer crash in middle of transaction. Spend 20 minutes waiting for employees to get their act together and give me my receipt.

9:30 – Swing by Starbucks on my way to Weight Watchers as I am starving and in desperate need of caffeine. Grab a bag of dried apples to go with my latte. Get in car and realize apples are 3 Points Plus! and refuse to eat them (I only get 28 points a day, people!). Get irritated at having wasted $2 on dried apples I refuse to eat and resolve to give them to DB without telling them how ridiculously expensive they were. (Granted, he reads the blog, so he’ll know…) *DB – when you read this, don’t get grumpy about the apples – I still had some $$ on my gift card!*

10:00 – Run into Weight Watchers, where I’m actually down a pound (woo hoo!!). Weigh benefits of staying for meeting versus trying to get other errands done…. Decide to skip out on meeting.

10:15 – Get off interstate to go to the hospital to see friend who just had a baby. Realize that the maternity ward’s visiting hours aren’t until 12:00. Curse loudly. Get back on interstate and head to mall.

10:30 – Get to mall. Run to Banana Republic, return DB’s jeans. Run to Belks, try to return $50 shorts w/out a receipt and change mind when they say they’ll only give me $19 for them. (I’ll make the damn things work at that price.) Run to Ann Taylor Loft to look for cute dress for date night with DB this weekend. Find one that looks relatively cute and is on sale for super cheap (double woo hoo!) and purchase.

10:50 – Leave mall; drive like crazy to get home to contact the IRS (I wanted to come home in case we needed to mail in a copy of our taxes or whatnot). Spend 25 minutes on hold only to finally get someone on the line to take the 15 seconds to tell me, “Do nothing. It happens all the time, we’ll send you a form.”

11:30 – Leave house, drive all the way back into town to go to Bed Bath and Beyond for a quick trip before meeting DB for lunch.

12:00 – After leaving BB&B, go to Dicks to buy armband thingy for iPod. Discover that Dick’s Sporting Goods doesn’t sell things to hold your iPod while you run. (Boggles the mind, no?) Go to REI where not only do they have the arm thingies, but they have lots of them and let me try them all on to find one I like. And, super extra bonus, I have our member’s dividend and a coupon, so I end up getting my arm band and 76¢ change. It’s like they paid me to take it off their hands! I also stop and get gas on the way to lunch.

1:00 – Finally get a chance to meet DB for lunch. We’re going to the restaurant of my choosing (thanks DB!) and I pick a Mongolian Grill. There used to be one in Charlotte that I went to that I loved, so I’ve been wanting to try this out. Lunch is fun, but over all too quickly – hastened on its way, no doubt, by the fact that DB spends at least 5 minutes telling me he knew we didn’t need to do anything for the taxes and why on earth did I drive all the way home and waste all that gas and time?!?!? (I was just trying to help… 😦 )

2:15 – Pick up the Littlest Brewster from daycare and zip on home. Luckily, she falls asleep in the car and hardly stirs when I transfer her to her pack-n-play. I then proceed to run around the house like a madwoman and wash sheets, flip the mattress, vacuum, put away all the clean clothes and coats strewn about, clean the kitchen, prep lunches for the next day, wash LB’s bottles from daycare, deal with a few emails that needed tending to, bring in the trash can, water the garden, etc etc….

4:45 – DB gets home and I get ready to leave again. Unfortunately, he didn’t get home early enough for me to swing by the hospital and see my friend on my way to dinner, so that will have to wait until tomorrow… I hit the road around 5 to head to a drug dinner at a new French restaurant I’ve been wanting to try (one of the best perks of my job – free educational dinners at swanky restaurants)

5:50 – Finally arrive at the restaurant. A drive that should have taken 30 minutes took almost an hour because of onlooker delay for a damn fender bender…. I try to relax and enjoy the night with my coworkers and friends.

8:10 – Leave the restaurant and head home. Thankfully, there’s no traffic and I get home in less than 30 minutes. I always bring leftovers for DB and tonight was no different. I finally get to flop down on the couch, spend some time with him, and chronicle my crazy day.

I’m kind of looking forward to going back to work tomorrow. At least then I’ll get a rest!

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