Well, we got our tomatoes

Remember how excited I was about ordering our tomatoes from Burpee?

Well, they arrived on Wednesday night.

Scratch that.

Some of them arrived Wednesday night.

I ordered 2 sets of 9 tomato plants that were supposed to be delivered Tuesday by 5. Naturally UPS had a snafu and couldn’t deliver them until Wednesday at 5.

At which point we realized they had only sent us one set of plants. And they looked like crap.


The instructions said to water them and give them 48 hours out of direct sunlight to recover. So we did. And this is how good they look now…


I’m so glad I spent the money to get these plants.

Granted, I called and complained about both our missing half of the order and the sorry state of the fulfilled half of the order, and Burpee is sending us the 9 plants they forgot and 9 replacement plants.

We’ll see how good those look when they get here. I’m going to be super mad if my foray into tomato management for our garden is a total bust! (Not to mention the potential for gloating from DB, whose hard-to-find tomatoes perform fabulously every year. I don’t think I could take that…)

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