Date Night!!

Everyone will tell you that it is very important to have date night with your spouse after you have a baby, preferably once a week.

I totally agree. Except with the once a week part.

Who on God’s green earth has the time to go out weekly? And the money to pay for dinner out every 7 days? And the money to pay for a sitter? Or a plethora of family who are willing to rotate through babysitting duties?

We certainly don’t. (Remember we’re cheap frugal?)

But we did manage to line up a sitter (Thank you, DB’s mom!!) and some cash (Thank you, my mom for our Valentine’s Day gift!) and we went out for our first real, extended date night since LB’s arrival. (Note: We have gone out for sushi once before when my mom watched her, but this was our first “Get dressed up and go to a fancy restaurant” date night since LB.)

Here’s a photo of us in all of our date-ly glory:


First, we went to The Flying Saucer in downtown Raleigh, where we waited patiently for an outside table so that DB could have his once-in-a-blue-moon, celebratory stogie. We finally got established outside and set up with a delicious brew each (Founder’s Double Trouble for him, Southern Tier 2x Milk Stout for me) and settled in to enjoy the afternoon.

Here we are hanging out at the Saucer:



Us being us, we brought our dominoes along and busted out a quick game. (We heard more than one passerby say, “How cute! They’re playing dominoes!” Honestly, though, what do couples who don’t play games together do?!?)

Here’s a pic of DB contemplating his next move, as he kicks my ass two games to zip…


We finished off our trip to the saucer with a Uinta Hop Notch (me) and a Victory Donnybrook (DB). Then, we walked a block or so to our dinner destination, Second Empire Restaurant. This is our go-to special occasion, have extra cash destination. It is phenomenal. And the prices reflect it.

But, our meals were awesome! I had lamb (my favorite! DB doesn’t really care for it, so I always order it out…) and DB got a filet (it was between that and a red snapper that sounded great. We’re still not sure which would have been tastier). We got an appetizer and dessert and a glass of wine and had real adult conversation. (Not the dirty kind! The kind that doesn’t only revolve around our daughter! Get your minds out of the gutter, people….)

Unfortunately, Raleigh being Raleigh and the South being the South, this was what my car looked like when we got back to it, post dinner:

Luckily I think we have time to wash it tomorrow.

We got home 15 minutes or so ago and LB has just been put down for the night. DB’s mom did awesome and we didn’t have to worry about anything. We actually have a little more time to hang out together (which is great and I probably shouldn’t waste posting here…).

It was really nice to get away and I’m super glad we did it. There were so many instances tonight when DB and I would say something in unison or voice a similar opinion on something and I was reminded how good we are together.

I don’t see us coming into that kind of cash or time again for quite awhile, but that makes it even sweeter when we do. I can’t wait for next time!

1 thought on “Date Night!!

  1. LOVE IT!!!! I am so excited that you got to see your sister. I haven’t seen you this week to know about this suprise visit. ( i almost feel like i am taking a secret sneak peak into your life when i read your blog….) i will see you thursday.

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