Family Get-Together :)

Yesterday, my parents came up for the day to get their “LB fix” as they like to call it. And guess who came with them?

My sister! 😀

She flew in for a quick 3 day visit and wanted to see LB (and me) before she went home. So they undertook the 3 hour drive to come see us for lunch and a short visit before Jessie had to fly back to Portland Sunday night.

It was great to see her because: a) I haven’t seen her since the week after LB was born and I miss her (she is one of my best friends, after all…) and b) she’s pregnant!! With twins!!! It is so awesome to see her beginning her own pregnancy journey – it reminds me of where I was roughly this time last year and makes me just look at my daughter in amazement. To see the ultrasound photos of Jessie’s babies and then look at LB – it boggles the mind to think that you can go from one to the other in 12 short months.

But enough of that! Here are some of the best photos of the day:

Getting reacquainted with one another

LB snuggled on Grandma for a nap

Grandpa enjoying his cake - yellow cake with chocolate icing, his favorite!

The Three Amigas! (Or Five, if you count her babies!)


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