Let’s try this tomato thing again

As you all know, DB and I were less than impressed with the Tomato Hall of Fame collection we got from Burpee last week. Seriously, if that was their “Hall of Fame,” I’d hate to see the losers that didn’t make the cut.

But I called and complained and got them to send us some new ones. Well, they must have heard of my reputation for making customer service reps cry, because they rushed us a pretty decent batch of replacement plants. (I’m kidding about the whole crying thing. I’ve never actually made anyone cry. At least, not that I know of…)

Here are the replacement plants:


And here are the first plants we received, after a little of DB’s TLC:


We have spots for 20 tomatoes (because 2 adults and an infant whose diet consists solely of Similac need that many tomatoes) and 27 plants. Our plan is to pick the best ones and then, per usual, foist the others off on DB’s mom. Because if she kills them, at least it’s not on DB’s conscience.

Hopefully, the weather will be nice and LB will be amenable to keeping us company in the garden so we can get them in the ground this weekend.

And double hopefully (if that’s even a phrase), the plants will all do super awesomely and make my year of tomato management a wild success.

2 thoughts on “Let’s try this tomato thing again

  1. Jess asked me what I wanted to plant this year and I said “Enough tomatoes to make myself sick on tomato sandwiches.” I’ve failed at that goal 4 years in a row. I’m starting to think it’s not possible to make oneself sick on tomato sandwiches…

    • I never liked tomatoes until I started growing them myself – and now I love them. But I still don’t care for grocery store tomatoes. Yuck!

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