I’m Professional Now

Yesterday I flew back from my first ever business trip. (I know you’re probably struck speechless by my coolness and professionalitude. It’s totally understandable.)

In fact, I am so professional that I had to sign a contract with some sort of non-disclosure clause – so I won’t actually tell you what sort of conference I was at, I will just tell you about my super awesome break from my daily life trip to Dallas. (I might be able to talk about it without a breach of contract, but why risk it? And the secrecy makes me sound even more important!)

When the travel company called to arrange flights, I had totally already looked up my options on Kayak and requested the earliest flight that was reasonable. See – I had big plans for this trip. I was going to get there early, request an early check in, and go take a long glorious nap in a hotel where I had no responsibilities and no reason to feel guilty for lying in the bed rather than doing chores.

Don’t you know that fate and shitty customer service had to intervene? The hotel, which had over 1600 rooms by the way, was apparently full to the brim and there wasn’t a single clean room in the entire complex when I wanted to check in. The girl at the front desk assured me that they would clean one ASAP and would call me when it was ready, probably in less than an hour.

At this point it was 11:00 (which translates to noon for my belly, still on EST), so I went to one of the nice hotel restaurants and had a great lunch and a decent IPA. And then I settled on one of the comfy sofas scattered about, read my book, and waited for a call. And waited. And waited.

At 1:00, I checked back in at the desk. Nothing available.

At 2:00, as I’m getting ready to go make the customer service reps cry (hadn’t they heard about my interaction with Burpee?!?), the phone rings. They have a room!!! Keep in mind that “normal” check in is at 3:00. So I got an extra hour. Woo hoo….

Once I got to the room, I decided to postpone the nap until after I went to the gym and the pool. And this is where the whole “professional” perks kicked in.

Normally, the hotel charges its non-VIP guests to use the fitness facilities. But us important people there on official business got to use it free of charge. 🙂 So I jogged and floated and then went back and took a nap. And a ridiculously long, ridiculously hot shower that would have totally depleted the supply at our house. (The only thing I didn’t find time to do was watch cable. We’re too frugal to pay for it, so it’s like this special treat we only get while on vacay.)

Then I had the dinner and evening presentation part of my trip. I managed to conduct myself with dignity and grace – I didn’t dribble any of my dinner on myself, I limited myself to one beer from the open bar (okay, maybe two… But they were only 5% alcohol so they hardly even counted), and I met some other professional women with whom I had a lot in common. When the session ended, it was just after 9 and I was exhausted. I booked it to my room, had a quick conversation with DB, and moved on to the most exciting thing about this whole trip.

I slept through the night.

I had thought I would wake up when it was my usual time to feed LB, but nope. I got 8 solid hours of sleep, in one long glorious stretch.

When I got up, I was well rested and ready to face the day. We had an awesome breakfast (all the coffee I could drink!), a morning session, an awesome lunch (make your own sundae station!), an afternoon session, and then wrapped for the day around 3. And then came the second most exciting thing of the trip.

I got to go spend a few hours at the airport. (Remember how much I love the airport?) I wandered around, I shopped, I had a fairly decent dinner, I finished my book – it was an enjoyable way for me to spend some time.

The flight home was smooth, even if the plane was bursting at the seams. The drive home was quick, due to lack of traffic at that hour (I didn’t land until after 11:30). And DB and LB were waiting for me when I got home. Okay, well, maybe they were both asleep but I’m still counting it as anxiously awaiting my arrival.

It was great to get away for a night – I’ve never been on a business trip before and thoroughly enjoyed myself – but I’m glad to be home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder and it doesn’t take much absence before I’m sufficiently fond and ready to come home.

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