4 Month Well Visit

LB had her 4 month checkup with the pediatrician today – a few days late, but I had my super professional trip to Dallas, so this was when we could get in.

As per usual, our daughter is essentially at the top of the growth charts and could give any other baby her age a serious beat down. Here’s a comparison of stats:


2 Months

4 Months

9 lb 3 oz

13 lbs 9 oz

17 lbs 4 oz

20.75 inches

21.5 inches

26 inches

Being the dork that I am, I figured out that she’s gaining 0.977 oz and growing 0.099 centimeters (or 0.039 inches) a day!!! At this rate, she’ll rival Andre the Giant by the time she’s one! Luckily for us (and her clothing), I think the rate of growth slows around 6 months.

Also, the pediatrician (whom we’ve met before and like for her dry sense of humor) asked how much formula she’s eating a day. When we told her that she drinks at least 35 ounces, she jokingly said if she started taking much more, we might as well just make it by the quart. She also said that they try to have babies wait until closer to 6 months to start solids, but that she doubted LB would make it that long… DB and I are kind of excited to try solids with her, but we’re definitely going to wait a little longer. Maybe in a month or so. (We are a little bummed that “they” say not to make baby food from carrots, beets, green beans, or squash at home because of nitrates. We had planned on trying to make it from our garden bounty, but it looks like that’s not an option… 😦 )

Also also, during the physical exam, the doctor said LB had a little fluid build up in her right ear, but not an infection. Yet. We’re supposed to keep an eye out for fever, ear tugging, loss of appetite, or sudden nighttime wakefulness because these might mean its progressed. So we’ll see if Lb does any of these things, but let’s all hope she dodges the ear infection bullet.

I asked the doc about the snuffliness that she’s had since starting daycare and was told that it’s pretty much a chronic condition for kids (especially ones at daycare). And that it might dry up during the summer, but that it will surely rear it’s ugly head again next fall. Looks like we’ll have to invest in more Kleenex.

And finally, she got three more vaccinations this visit. One in each thigh and an oral vaccine. She took them like a champ and cried for literally 30 seconds. Hopefully she won’t have an hour-long meltdown tonight like she did with her last vaccinations. At this point, she’s tired from her busy day (doctor’s visit, shopping with Mommy, visit to Daddy’s work, lunch out with both of us) and is blissfully napping in her rocker. Below are some pics from the day (sorry the one with DB is so dark – stupid no-flash iPod).




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