Why I have over 550 photos of LB…

Because I am absolutely incapable of deleting the good ones.

The ones where LB is blurry or where I have a super obvious fat roll hanging out or where we didn’t catch the bottle of home brew sitting in the background (that never happens, I swear!) – I have no problem deleting those.

But I simply can’t bring myself to chose between the ones where she’s cute and smiley and happy. I can’t.

And that is how someone who is only 144 days or so old has a folder with almost 575 photos on my computer…

To illustrate the difficulty, here are some pics from two days last week. You tell me how you could pick just one of those to keep as the picture of the day!

*For those of you who don’t know my first time mom insanity (compounded by my “I was the third child and my parents never took any pictures of me” insanity), my goal is take one picture a day of LB for the entire year of 2012. So far we have missed 2 days, but that’s it. And we’re almost halfway there! And yes, I do know this is insane. Whatever.*


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