Family Fun

We had a good couple of days this past weekend, spending time not only as a family, but also with our extended families.

Saturday morning was absolutely gorgeous here in NC – sunny and in the 70s. So the three of us piled in the car, picked up DB’s mom, and headed out to Raven Rock State Park. Thanks to LB and daycare germs, the DreadBrewer is still getting over a wicked sinus infection – and I was toting around an extra 20 lbs of baby strapped to my chest – so we didn’t do any hikes that could be truthfully called long or strenuous. My mother-in-law is one of the most active and fit people I know, so she probably could have hiked another 20 miles (on top of the paltry 3 we did) but she graciously held herself back as DB and I huffed and puffed along behind her.

Halfway through the hike, we stopped for a break and had a nice picnic lunch. LB was good as gold, drinking her bottle and promptly falling asleep for the entire walk back.

LB playing with Grandy at the park

Enjoying some hard earned sandwiches and Similac

LB, sleeping through the entire walk back to the car

Then on Sunday, I drove down to Charlotte,  leaving LB in the care of her daddy for the day. I hadn’t gotten to meet Alex yet and I couldn’t wait until next weekend when we’re going back down for LB’s baptism. First I went to my mom’s house and hung out there for an hour or two until Mike and Sarah were up and ready for visitors. (If I hadn’t gotten up and hit the road at 5:30 in the morning, I probably wouldn’t have had to wait but hey, I was excited to come see the baby…. And it was good to see my mom.)

*Funny side story – while I was at my parent’s house, they had me list a few things on Craigslist for them. My mom asked me, in all seriousness, “This is free? We don’t have to give Craig any money?”*

I ultimately got to my brother’s house around 10:45 and got to hold and cuddle on Alex right away. He’s seems so tiny! He’s really long (almost 1/2 inch longer than LB was when she was born) but lanky (he’s over a full pound skinnier than she was!). He’s super cute and, yes, it made me want another baby….

One Very Proud Auntie

Isn't he precious!?!

After he went down for a nap, I cooked lunch for the three of us and we hung out, comparing notes on childbirth and the first week of having a baby. I think they’re doing remarkably well – and I’m not just saying that in case they read this. I did tell Sarah that she could call me anytime if she needed to vent or get hysterical or whatnot, but I remember how difficult it is to admit you’re having a hard time (if indeed she is).

I’m going to try to go back in 2 or 3 weeks to spend the day with Sarah and Alex while Mike’s back at work. It’s kind of daunting when you’re home with the baby and all those days and hours stretch in front of you with nothing concrete to fill them. I thought it might be nice if I could give her a break or even just some company.

The thing that made the ride home really nice was that I got to talk to Jessie for, like, an hour! (In addition to being awesome because I love talking to my sister, it was also awesome because it was a Sunday and I didn’t have to worry about jacking our cell phone bill up again …) It was great to catch up with her without any distractions. DB’s great and gives me plenty of time to talk to her, but it’s still hard when I’ve got him and LB and the cats and chores and a million other household things vying for my attention. So that was a nice bonus to make driving 6 hours round trip yesterday less of an onerous task.
Now we’re getting ready to start the week and I’ve got to go wake up the monkey. I can’t believe she’ll be 5 months old tomorrow! Check in for her monthly update and picture comparison (hopefully I’ll do it tomorrow, but no promises 🙂 ).

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