5 Month Update

Per usual, the time has flown by and I am amazed that LB is another month older! She’s growing so fast and advancing by leaps and bounds – I’m both excited and saddened to see our little girl growing up so quickly!

So, what new things had LB mastered this month?

First, she’s really found her voice. She was talkative before, but she’s started making actual sounds as opposed to just grunts, squeaks, and screeches. She’s started going “ba-ba-ba-ba” when she’s hungry and “ma-ma-ma-ma” when she’s tired and cranky and fighting a nap. (I don’t flatter myself into thinking she’s actually asking for Mama. I don’t think she associates the noises with anything truly concrete at this point.)

The next thing she’s working on (but hasn’t quite figured out) is crawling. She’s a rolling champ- sometimes, she rolls over so vigorously that she ends up doing a complete 360 and finishes on her back, rather than on her stomach like she wanted. She’s also a pro at rotating in circles on the floor, in sort of an army crawl maneuver. If there’s something she wants, she’ll go in circles until she gets close enough to it to grab it (or whack her head on it, as she seems fond of doing with table legs). But she really wants to be able to crawl in a straight line. She gets up on all fours, rocks back and forth for a bit, flops down on her belly, and repeats the process ad infinitum. I’ve tried explaining to her that she needs to actually move her knees and hands, not just wiggle her butt, but she doesn’t listen to me… Daycare keeps telling us, “We thought she was going to get it today!” but she hasn’t yet. I know she’ll master it when we’re totally unprepared; I need to go around the house and move the food and water dishes for the cats out of her potential grasp, but I haven’t yet. (This will probably bite me in the butt when I look over and LB’s first foray into crawling ends with her eating cat food, but hey – I ate cat food as a kid and I’m fine….)

LB is an excellent night-time sleeper and has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now. Bed time is around 7:00 and she’ll usually sleep until 5:00 or later. A quick bottle and she’s back down for another hour or so. DB and I still wake up repeatedly, if only to listen for a minute and see if she’s frotzing and needs a paci or the sleep giraffe turned on. Hopefully, we will be able to sleep through the night again soon.

Naps are a bit more of challenge, but only because LB is so interested in what’s going on around her that she doesn’t want to go to sleep. We have to be very boring if we want her to take a nap – easier said than done when your child thinks that watching you read a book is prime time entertainment…

Clothes/Weight: LB is comfortably wearing 6-9 month onesies and size 3 diapers. With our super accurate home weight method, she clocks in at over 18 lbs. I have a feeling we’re going to reach the weight limits on her swing and car seat sooner rather than later. Although I don’t know if I’ll mind so much about the car seat switch – we have the Chicco KeyFit 30, which probably weighs 10 lbs by itself and is ridiculously heavy when you put our little chunky monkey in it. I’ve started carrying her in one arm and the car seat in the other when I drop her off a daycare because my back can’t take it anymore!

We’re going to try solids sometime this next month. A lot of moms have told me not to rush it because it’s not nearly as fun as you think it’ll be and ends up being a huge mess most of the time. Since I can see that being totally true, I’m not in a huge rush to start. We did set up her high chair to get her used to it, and LB really likes sitting at the table with us when we eat. She also is very interested in what we’re eating and drinking, which is one of the “signs of readiness” you’re supposed to look for and hopefully means that the introduction will go well. (I’m sure her first attempts at eating will be well documented, so look for the funny photos when we do it.)

And without further delay, I will post the highlight of the monthly updates: LB’s 5 Month Photo! I’m also going to do a post tomorrow or the next day of the best out takes from the day, so keep an eye out for that!


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