I forgot to include this photo in my last post!

I took this picture of Jessie and John last Saturday and I think it’s absolutely adorable how he’s loving on the babies in her tummy. It wasn’t posed or anything, because he was doing it before I took the picture. They were deep in conversation and he was just sitting there, loving on her and the twins. I snapped a candid photo, but Jessie looked very silly and slightly inebriated (as she has a tendency to do in ill-timed photos) – so I gave her warning before the next one, so as to achieve a more acceptable end result.

On a side note (but Jessie related), I deleted my facebook account almost two months ago (because FB is a retarded time-suck – don’t get me started) and Jessie just noticed yesterday. Thanks, oh sister dear, for making me feel important. šŸ˜‰

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