The Christening, or when our family got religion

DB and I are not particularly religious or devout followers of any organized faith, by any stretch of the imagination.

We were both raised in Christian households (Lutheran for him, Catholic for me) and attended parochial schools for many years. My parents especially are very faithful, church oriented people who are probably disappointed that their daughter is a CEO Catholic (Christmas and Easter Only).

However, when we found out I was pregnant, I immediately knew that I wanted to have my son or daughter baptized. I wasn’t picky about Lutheran vs Catholic – it’s all Christianity, if you ask me. DB is slightly more comfortable at the Lutheran church and has many fond memories of their kids programs. He graciously agreed to have LB baptized wherever I decided in the end. I did some research on the Lutheran churches around us and, while very nice and welcoming when I went to services, they wanted us to jump through a lot of hoops to join their congregation. (Six week course of “Welcome to our church” classes, anyone? Thanks, but I’ll pass…) Ultimately, we decided to baptize LB into the Catholic church, partly because it was so much easier to become an official member. When we went to join the Catholic church up the street, it was essentially, “Sign on the dotted line and let us know where to send your tithing envelopes. Welcome to St. Mary Parish!”

We duly attended “Baptism Class” – during which they told you what to say and when to stand and gave us some nice pamphlets on what makes good Catholic parents. And then, us being us, we dragged our feet and dithered about setting an actual date for the christening.  Luckily, Mike and Sarah solved the dilemma of when to do it by inviting us to have LB baptized with Alex over Memorial Day weekend. It was perfect because Jessie and John flew in for a long weekend, so the whole family was together for the momentous occasion and we didn’t have to have a “god-mother proxy” for my sister. (Mike’s the god father. But without the criminal empire and ring kissing.)

Anyway, it was a really nice weekend and we all had a lovely time. LB and Alex were the best babies at the baptism (there were 2 other little ones receiving the sacrament at the same time and they both cried during the ceremony). LB actually smiled at Monsignor Richard when he was making the sign of the cross on her forehead, which he really liked. He came to the cookout Mike and Sarah hosted afterwards and he kept remarking what a good, pretty, happy, chubby baby LB is.

There were family cookouts galore this past weekend – it was fabulous to hang out with everyone. We don’t get to see Jessie and John nearly often enough, although I guess that’s what happens when you live on opposite coasts. She’s starting to get a baby bump, which is sooooo exciting. I want to kind of wiggle with joy whenever I think about her and the babies (but I restrain myself as I would like avoid getting the side eye all the time…). I imagine they must be getting sick of everyone saying things along the lines of “Wait until you see how much harder this will be with two babies!!!!” anytime LB or Alex needed to be fed or changed or entertained or interacted with. (With my chronic case of pregnancy snark, I would have said a bitingly sarcastic reply and permanently damaged family relations by the end of the weekend. Luckily, Jessie and John have more self restraint than I.)

I seriously doubt that our family will suddenly start attending Mass regularly even though LB is now officially a child of God (not like she wasn’t already, but now we have the certificate and everything to prove it)  – it’s just not something that’s super important to us right now. When LB gets a little older, I want to take her so she gets to go to Sunday School and do the fun church-y things DB and I both remember loving. And then we’ll let her decide for herself if she wants to keep going once she understands it better. I find it comforting to have that base to come back to, when and if I ever need it, and would like for her to have that as well.

Anyway, I’m rambling, per usual. So let’s get on to the best part of these posts – pictures! These are from Saturday’s get together at my mom’s house, the baptism on Sunday, and the post-baptism cookout at Mike and Sarah’s. Enjoy!

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