I came by my love of gardening honestly

My dad has always had an awesome, huge, prolific garden. ((Except for a year or two ago when he tried to make his own fertilizer by mixing a bunch of stuff together and killed all his plants. But we don’t talk about that….)) He’s never happier than when he’s puttering around in the garden on the weekend.

His approach is completely different than mine and DB’s. He simply buys whatever plants happen to look decent outside Lowe’s. He plants things entirely too early. He doesn’t rotate plants, putting tomatoes in the same spot year after year after year. He’s a haphazard fertilizer and soil amender. He uses old railroad ties to build his beds and sheet metal to make rings around his plants. And yet, every year, his garden is gorgeous and his produce delicious. So he must be doing something right. 🙂 I took some pictures last weekend that demonstrate his gardening prowess…

An overall view of his setup

His cucumbers and squashes

Tomatoes and Blueberries, side by side

He's already getting red tomatoes!

My dad's plants are twice as tall as ours! (Granted he planted them a month before we did...)

This last picture actually demonstrates DB’s gardening prowess. He grew Barnaby (yes, that is the name we gave our bay tree) from a 3 inch tall plant into the towering tree shown below. We planted him at my parent’s house a few years ago, when we were stuck in an apartment with no room for him, and visit him every time we’re in Charlotte. If they ever move, we’re going to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to have him relocated to our house.

DB and Barnaby

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