LB discovers that she looooooves Mo

This past weekend. LB discovered that not only is Mo fluffy and soft, but also that she is old lazy patient and sweet enough to let LB whack away on her. (Disclaimer: Obviously, we would never leave the baby and the cats alone together or let LB hurt them or them hurt LB. All kitty encounters are closely supervised at this point.)

Here are some photos of the fun that ensued as the Littlest Brewster did her level best to grab, smack, nom, hug, and generally love Mo into submission:

Oooh, a kitty cat! Let's touch it!


Oh, she's so soft! I want to rub my face in her fur!

Maybe if I climb on, she'll take me for a ride around the living room, like a smaller, furrier pony!

*Notice the long-suffering look on Mo’s face 🙂 *

I love you, Mo!

If you look closely, you can see what her hands looked like when she was done "petting" Mo.

We always take her hands and show her how to gently pet the cats. I doubt it’s sinking in yet, but we figure we should start early on animal etiquette.

None of the other cats have attracted her attention as much as Mo – probably because none of the other cats are as willing to be mauled in the name of love. LB has lunged for Ethan or Maxine’s tails from time to time, but the cats are always quicker than she is (imagine that!). I know once LB masters the art of crawling, it is on like Donkey Kong and that cats are going to have to watch out.

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