Annual Cookout/DB’s Birthday Party

Yesterday was our 4th annual cookout – we always have it the second weekend in June; that way, we can use it as a litmus test to figure out who our true friends are. Anyone who is willing to come eat turkey dogs and sweat bullets through a 90-degree afternoon must really like us. ((Jessie & John are exempt because a) they live on the west coast and b) after so many years in Oregon, the heat probably would kill them. Mike & Sarah are also exempt because they have a 4 week old baby and it would be insane to bring him out on a day like yesterday. We know they really do like us.))

This year, it also had the added bonus of being right around DB’s 40th birthday! We didn’t do a lot extra with the exception of making a cake and having Joey bring extra beer. But that was enough to make DB happy.

Per usual, my mom and dad came up, bearing gifts of folding chairs, pop-up tents, and a cooler full of cookout fare like shrimp salad.

We all had a great time at the party. Everyone oohed and aahed over our garden (there were many comments regarding the neatness and precision with which our plants were laid out) – we gave produce away to a bunch of guests, which is one of the nicer perks of having a garden. We also forced extra shrimp salad and fruit and brownies upon as many people as we could, so that we weren’t stuck with buckets of the stuff. ((Because, again, per usual I prepared for the number of people that said they were coming rather than the number of people that actually showed up. I need to remember that people frequently cop out when it comes to driving to the middle of BFE for a cookout on a swelteringly hot day.))

I think that the DreadBrewer in particular had a good time catching up with Joey – they spent hours shooting the shit and supervising the grill.He told me at the end of the night that it was a really good birthday, so that made me happy. And my parents had a good time, too – although all that is necessary for them to have a good time anymore is the mere presence of the Littlest Brewster. We also had some good friends come by whom I haven’t seen in too long – it’s always nice to visit with John and Joan, and of course LB adores them. My buddy Angie actually drove all the way from Virginia just for the party and then drove back to Virginia when it was over. (She definitely passes the sweaty friend test!)

This morning, LB and I accompanied Grandma and Grandpa to Mass. That was an interesting experience – I don’t think I managed to get much takeaway from the sermon (between not caring for the priest and having to keep LB from chewing on the hymnal, I didn’t hear a lot of it), but I figure God will give me a gold star for effort. Then we all went to IHOP for breakfast, where LB tried out a high chair for the very first time!!! She did great of course, happily banging away with a spoon and nomming on the paper silverware wrappers. (Who needs toys when you have bits of paper to drool on?). I’m glad to know that she’ll do fine in a high chair – it makes it so much easier than lugging in our enormous baby carrier and trying to cram it down in the booth. Maybe next up will be trying the shopping cart seats?

Anyway, here are some photos from this weekend. I’m so glad that everyone came out and helped me celebrate my awesome husband’s 40th birthday!

2 thoughts on “Annual Cookout/DB’s Birthday Party

  1. The cookout was so much fun! The cake was my favorite however the “full on” real hotdog was amazing. Hope you guys had a fun day Sunday relaxing from the party.

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