Where have I been?

The truth is – sometime our lives are really boring and completely taken over by the million mundane, completely non-blog worthy tasks that you have to do to be productive members of society and reasonably decent parents.

While I think it’s a good exercise for me to try and find the humorous or ridiculous or even slightly noteworthy incidents in the day-to-day, sometimes they’re just not there.

Sure, I could write a post about the effect of acorn squash on LB’s poop (a concern at the forefront of my mind this past week) but I figure you all would appreciate it more if I didn’t.

And I hate (and refuse to write) the blog posts that are just posted to post something. Sort of like updating your status on Facebook a million times with cryptic messages like “Oh the humanity!” and no one knows or cares what you’re talking about and you’re just doing it to make yourself feel important and sound more mysterious and cooler than you really are.

So that’s where I’ve been all week. Keeping on keeping on, as I’m sure millions of other moms are doing too.

I do have a awesome video of LB (that was our main excitement of the week – and no, its not related to acorn squash poops) that I would love to post if I could ever figure out how…. Maybe I’ll conquer that this weekend.

I love comments! Feel free to leave one!

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