Leaps and Bounds

That’s how I feel the Littlest Brewster is growing up!

We have had so many firsts in just the last week, it’s hard to remember them all. But I’ll try…

Sitting: LB has really started to get the hang of sitting up unassisted. She can also sort of get herself from her hands and knees into a sitting position. If DB or I puts her flat on her butt, she can stay up unassisted for quite awhile (at least until she sees something a few feet away and decides to flop over and get it).



Pulling Up: LB discovered last weekend that she could use the side of the Pack-N-Play to get into a sitting/kneeling position. She thought this was awesome because then she could a) see us more easily and b) bounce up and down and shake the whole thing. I thought this was terrifying because I can’t help but imagine her trying to climb out of her crib or PnP now and falling and busting her head like a ripe melon. So, much to her consternation, we lowered the PnP to the bottom level. Her crib still has the “Keep Cats Out” tent, which serves the dual purpose of “Keep Beanie In” so we’re okay there for a bit.


Crawling: Yep, you read that correctly! LB is officially crawling now!!! She’s been doing this flop/inchworm method of moving for a few weeks, but she finally mastered the art of coordinating her hands and knees last week. DB got to see her do it for the first time, which made me really happy. She’s still a little tentative and reverts to the inchworm if she gets too excited, but every day she gets better and better at motoring around. She is also less happy being contained n her rocker now that she knows she can move around on the floor This means that I’m definitely sweeping and vacuuming more frequently now, as any little bit of fuzz or dirt on the floor is somehow magically attracted to her hands, which are then shoved into her mouth. ((I keep telling myself, “God made dirt. Dirt don’t hurt.” but I still cringe when I notice a bit of cat hair on her chin or stuck to her lip.))

Solid Foods: The Littlest Brewster has tried rice (hated it), bananas (loved it), acorn squash (loved it), and avocado (ambivalent about it). I also picked up some of those Baby MumMum biscuits, which she’s not too sure about. I think it confuses her when she puts it in her mouth and it disappears. She keeps looking at her hand like, “Where’d it go? I was chewing on that!” It’s darn adorable to watch her eat solids that I want to keep giving her stuff and DB has to rein me in (that’s a bit of change from our usual roles… ;)) It’s not like an ounce of banana and 6 1/2 calories worth of MumMum will make her fat; we don’t want her to refuse formula because she’s full of other, less nutrient-dense foods. Here are some of my favorite recent pics of LB eating:




And finally, Teeth: Our little girl has her first tooth! It’s broken through the surface, but only a bit. I was under the impression the once it broke through the surface, the entire thing popped out in a day or so but I was mistaken. Apparently it can be quite a bit of time between the tooth erupting and fully emerging. She was pretty cranky on Sunday when it was working its way through (Happy Father’s Day/Birthday to DB!) but has since returned to her usual happy self. When she was grumpy, the frozen teething toy seemed to help, but it thawed pretty quickly. The frozen washcloth was also a hit, but since one of her favorite activities is “Wave the washcloth like a flag before throwing it on the ground”, that didn’t last long either. What kept her happiest longest was a piece of frozen banana in her mesh feeder.

She ended up covered in banana juice and slobber, but it kept her occupied and happy for at least 30 minutes. So no complaints in our parts!

It absolutely boggles my mind to see her grasping new concepts and mastering new skills. I know I (and every other person out there) went through the same process of exploring and learning, but I can’t help but feel that the Littlest Brewster is way cuter and smarter and more talented than I (and every other person out there) was. I’m also pretty sure that, at some point, every other mom has felt like this. And they will remind me of this when she does something supremely annoying, like color all over the walls or take a tinkle in the corner during potty training, and I want to throttle her.

Right now though, she’s pretty awesome in my book.

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