I have a confession…

Actually, I have a couple…

1) Last week, as a birthday gift, my mom paid these lovely women from Triangle Green Cleaning to come and clean the house. It’s not that I’m incompetent as a housekeeper ((I’m slightly incompetent – I mean, I can vacuum and mop, but bathrooms elude me. As do faucets and the area where they connect to the sink. How does one possibly get all of that grime off? I blame it on the fact that my mom had a cleaning lady and thus I never had to learn these tasks as a child.)) Anyway, I naturally had to clean up the clutter before the cleaning ladies got there (because I was too embarrassed to let them see it), and when they left the house looked spic and span and could have been featured in Better Homes and Gardens. But tonight, it looks like this….

So that’s my first confession: try as might (and I have tried), I simply cannot stay on top of the clutter in my house.

2) Next confession: Rather than clean up the clutter, I am sitting outside, having a glass of wine, and blogging about how I cannot keep up with the clutter in my house. It’s more therapeutic for me than actually cleaning, so sue me…

3) Also, LB has been very demanding today (all weekend actually…) and I am tired enough from that that I just want to sit and spend time with the DreadBrewer (and enjoy my glass of wine), rather than clean or prep lunches or fold clothes or do any of the other million-and-one tasks that are on my list.

4) There are a lot of days that I would rather spend time unwinding with DB than doing chores around the house. This means we live a constant state of mild-to-moderate clutter and dirt. ((Remember – God made dirt. Dirt don’t hurt. At least that’s what I tell myself.))

5) There are also a lot of days that we do not eat dinner as a family. This is because a) the Littlest Brewster eats her squash/avocado/banana/etc at 5 and her bottle at 6:00 and b) between watering the garden, doing household chores, and attempting to have a “life” where we do things we enjoy, the DreadBrewer and I often don’t eat until 9:00 or later. We’re terrible parents, obviously…

6) Here is the finally, and possibly worst, confession: I know you are all due a 6-month update and I have the material and photos for a few other awesome posts. I don’t feel like doing them. I feel like blogging my confessions and wallowing in my laxitude as a blogger and housekeeper as I enjoy my wine. So I think I shall.

I’ll catch you all in the next day or two with a “real” post. 😉

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